Youngs Communication, Inc. was founded in 1993 to provide world-class communication strategy and services to FORTUNE 500 companies and leading brands.

Since then, we have focused on the more interpersonal communication in business. Whether peer-to-peer, manager-to-subordinate, subordinate-to-manager or management to staff and sales organizations, (or just with ourselves) clear communication is critical to business success. We'll help you make your business, better.

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Jeff youngs

An accomplished leadership coach and facilitator, Jeff is all about finding creative solutions and inspiring business leaders to make positive mind shifts in how they do business and lead people.

Over the years, Jeff has coached leaders, CEOs and change-makers in creative and related businesses to follow their own hearts, trust their own wisdom and grow their businesses. 

About Jeff

Jeff recently released his first book, the highly acclaimed The RESET Button: How to Move your Business Forward When There’s No Going Back. He holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Leadership Certification from the University of Santa Monica. He also earned a BFA in Film and Television from New York University.

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You've heard it before, but it is no less true. Even the top athletes in the world have coaches. Why? They see their potential better then they do themselves. It's normal. Part of the human condition. That's why coaching is currently a fast-growing profession. People are getting wise to the fact that they can get more of what they want in this world - and less of what they don't want - with the help of a coach. Isn't it time you go for it? Step away from that "comfortable" life and toward that fulfilled one?